comprising the posterior field of ctenoid scales in the Platycephalidae are de- scribed from scanning electron micrographs. The posterior margins of ctenoid 


Marine fish Scale, hellfeld photomicrograph. Ctenoid Skala, Tunna, Thunna sp. Stockbild Marine fish Scale, hellfeld photomicrograph. Ctenoid Skala, Tunna 

French, Spanish, Portuguese. alar scale, scale · Beaufort wind scale, wind scale, scale · cyclo-ctenoid scale, scale · ganoid scales, scale, écailles  Body with ctenoid scales, but lacking bony scutes. Swimbladder bilobed.Colour: variable, silver or red to black or dusky, belly always pale; juveniles usually with. scales on occiput; no scales on paired fins; no ctenoid scales on dorsal and anal fins; 2 scales between upper and lower lateral lines; 16 scales around caudal  weakly ctenoid anteriorly, ctenii more distinct on posterior part of flanks; caudal peduncle fully scaled, scales ctenoid; scales on caudal fin cycloid, extending  Type of scales, ctenoid scales Five oblique scale rows on cheek; body moderately elongate, depth 2.95-3.25 in SL; head length (HL) 2.7-2.85 in SL; dorsal  Type of scales, ctenoid scales characteristics: greatest body depth 2.7-3.1 in standard length; body scales ctenoid except cycloid scales ventrally on abdomen​;  Scales medium-sized and ctenoid; 8-10 transverse scale rows on cheek (Ref. Scale rows on back rising obliquely above lateral line; 6 scale rows above  Type of scales, ctenoid scales. Diagnos.

Ctenoid scales

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307)  However, those that do may be covered in scales of various shapes, sizes, and types. The primary categories of fish scales are placoid, cosmoid, ganoid, cycloid   comprising the posterior field of ctenoid scales in the Platycephalidae are de- scribed from scanning electron micrographs. The posterior margins of ctenoid  Download scientific diagram | Scale features and terminology of a typical ctenoid scale showing typical projections along the posterior margins (following usage  Ctenoid scales are similar to cycloid, except that they have spines or comblike teeth along their free edges; these scales are characteristic of the higher bony  There are three main types of extant fish scales: placoid, ganoid, and cycloid and ctenoid, which are considered together because they are both derived from  21 Nov 2016 Transforming ctenoid scales are the ancestral scale type in the Apogonidae, making their spinoid and cycloid scales a secondary loss or reversal. 24 Nov 2018 Ctenoid scale (Tiny teeth). Cycloid scale (from Labeo gonius) and Ctenoid scale ( from Anabas testudineus) were prepared to observe their key  Generally, fishes with cycloid scales have pelvic fins in the mid-portion of their bodies and lack spines in the fins; those with ctenoid scales have pelvic fins beneath  See placoid scale, ganoid scale, cycloid scale and ctenoid scale (latter two also called leptoid or elasmoid scales).

Example sentences from the Web for ctenoid The cycloid and ctenoid scales of Teleosteans (see p. 105) are thin plates coated with epidermis. The Vertebrate Skeleton | Sidney H. Reynolds The exoskeleton …

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Ctenoid scales

ctenoid, cténoïde, ctenoideo, ctenóides. ctenoid scales, scales, écailles cténoïdes, escamas ctenoideas, escamas ctenóides. cyclo-ctenoid scale, scale 

Ctenoid scales

Placoid, Ganoid, Ctenoid, Cycloid,. Annuli, Circuli,. There are four types of scales with numerous variations of each kind: Placoid, cosmoid, ganoid and the most frequently encountered; cycloid and ctenoid scales. 5 Mar 2016 have spines protruding from the body of the scale; ctenoid scales have the body − scales are cycloid on the opercle but ctenoid on the rest. 6 Sep 2019 Placoid is plate-like having irregular, platelike, bony scales, often bearing spines; pertaining to the placoids while ctenoid is having a toothed  Most ganoid scales are rhomboidal (diamond-shaped) and connected by peg- and-socket joints.

Ctenoid scales

Fish scale.
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Body shape (fins included) rounded to rhombic 5. – Eyed side with ctenoid scales, always without  Ganoid scales. Icketeleoster. Tjocka fjäll. Utdöda?

Ctenoid Skala, Tunna, Thunna sp.
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2021-01-17 · Ctenoid scales are very bright, and often carry an olive/brown or a blue/orange coloration Faint, vertical blue or bright stripes run down the sides Clear or amber pectoral fin

PRIMITIVE. Primitive scales are not worse than advanced scales.

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Synonyms for ctenoid in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for ctenoid. 1 synonym for ctenoid: comb-like. What are synonyms for ctenoid?

tunna rundade genomskinliga plattor med en räfflad bakre kant; beläget kaklat;. det finns årringar. ben. Mehemet Scales.